Meet Alex Gould


Meet Alex

Sales and Development, Realtor®

Alex Gould is a remarkable person, his affable personality paired with his sharp analyzing mind has made him a great real estate entrepreneur. With a degree from the prestigious Purdue University, a professional life as an engineer, research expert and consultant and a lifelong connection to investing—Alex has become a perfect match for his clients and a great partner in the O’Byrne Team’s own internal development projects. Just as OT is many things and its diverse characteristics can complement each other, so is Alex. So often real estate brokers come into this industry with a heavy focus on salesmanship; whereas Alex comes as a consultant with a natural ability to analyze and advise. “Alex advises me.” Team lead Seth O’Byrne says. “In a world of brokers that can sometimes just make more noise in a deal, Alex is truly and sincerely committed to making strong decisions that benefit the client. He is in the truest sense an advisor.” Alex is a full time real estate investor, partner on several infill projects, co-operator on typically 1-2 home flips at a time and a real estate agent through and through. Alex is a father of 2, husband, local Solana Beach resident and great voice for the real estate industry. 

Work With Us

The O’Byrne Team at Compass works to make this a reality through emotionally-charged video, dramatic photography and a public relations campaign that reaches out to some of the most respected publications in the world. Along the way, the Team’s 60 years of combined real estate experience provides a level of representation and expert negotiation that matches the marketing they have become so known for.