“Seth is one of the best real estate agents in Southern California and San Diego. He has been my broker for many years and I now have many rental properties and a new penthouse that I call home all because of Seth!!! Alina is awesome as well. They make a superb team!!!”

— Brad Flipse
CEO, Payroll Centric

“Seth and I go back nearly a decade at this point. My wife has worked for him, my colleagues have bought and sold with him and our family has done nearly a dozen transactions with him personally. Seth’s team is literally the best support we have ever found in a real estate company. Seth is a natural leader and a tireless worker. He is humble and he is genuine. We have really grown to care about his business because he has already cared so much for ours.”

— Brad Bartos
MD/Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Kaiser Permanente

“Someone referred me to Seth four years ago when I was moving to San Diego. I could not have gotten a better referral! Seth and his team were there for me, every step of the way, and two months after he met, I was moving into my perfect new home. Seth is extremely professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and kind.  He’s my realtor for life, and I’ve recommended him to everyone I’ve know in the past four years who needed to buy or sell their property. Call him — he’s the best!”

— Carlo Roberts
CEO/Founder, The Blue Walk LLC

“Seth helped me and my wife purchase our house. The thing that was great about Seth was his attitude and energy. When we got down he kept us enthused in the process. In the end, we got the perfect house that exceeded our expectations. Mainly due to Seth!”

— Mikel Bruce
CEO/Founder, Tinyfrog Technologies

“Seth and his team are the hands-down best you can ask for. They are professional, reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and some of the most genuinely kind people I have had the pleasure of working with. They are true pros. They didn’t just stumble into real estate like so many others I’ve worked with; they live and breathe real estate. They know what they are doing and how to make it all come together. And somehow, they make the process enjoyable. I will never work with another realtor again!”

— Katelyn Lau
Business Development Consultant, COX Media

“I would like to thank Seth and his team for putting me in my Dream Home! This was a very complicated transaction and there is no doubt that without Seth’s experience and expertise I would never have been able to close this deal. There is not a harder working more experienced team in the business!”

— Robert Griffin
VP of Sales, Telepacific

“Like others who have left reviews — I figured Seth wouldn’t be interested in selling me a condo in a price range that was less than the big-time properties in La Jolla that he carries…. but I was wrong. He was a phenomenal agent for me, spent tons of time with me, and was a kick-ass negotiator. In the end, he helped me move into the perfect condo in Hillcrest and I have absolutely no complaints. He’s exactly what you should be looking for in an agent: Young, Hungry for work, Hard-working, and Committed to the job.”

— Orrin Franko
MD, UCSD Hospital, Hillcrest

“I have known Seth for quite some time. I think what really stands out about not just his service but his entire person is that he literally has a trove of knowledge about the real estate in market. His attention to detail in helping you list a property is unlike any other agent I have encountered. Prior to working with him, I searched for 1.5 years to find a Realtor that I trusted and wasn’t just trying to sell me a place (which there are quite a bit of just in San Diego alone). He truly gives me advice which I can digest over time without pressure or any gimmicky sales tactics. I would work with Seth in a heartbeat, and plan to do so for many years to come!”

— Nimai Chokshi
Managing Partner/CFP, ING Financial

“Seth sold my house in Mission Beach. He went out of his way to make sure it was properly staged and marketed. Two thumbs up!”

— Steve Cox
CEO, Take Lessons

“Seth has worked with my family for years. He has sold us retail space, residential condos, investments and homes. He is our trusted advisor and has become a very dear family friend. We expect the best of the people we work with and Seth brings that every single time we buy or sell. He’s been consistent and focused for nearly 10 years of work together. That says a LOT!”

— John Sonza
CEO/Founder, Westar Seeds

“Seth is an extremely hard worker and will do whatever it takes to find a buyer their dream home or get the best price for a seller’s home. We have done a number of transactions together, and will continue to do so. His technological expertise is second to none, and I especially love his videos that he’s been creating to help people learn more about various communities. I highly recommend Seth to anyone looking to buy or sell a piece of real estate!”

— Tina Hare
Top Producer & Guest star of Million Dollar Listing LA,
Troop Real Estate, Westlake Village

“I highly recommend Seth and his team. His enthusiasm and attention to service really shine. Combined with his knowledge and expertise of real estate, it’s an easy decision to work with Seth when buying or selling real estate.”

Rich Yumal
CEO/Founder, Sagetree Solutions

“As a real estate professional myself, it takes a lot to impress me. When I had to move quickly, I knew I had to call Seth. I did not know him personally at the time, but he came recommended by several people I knew. His team has a solid marketing plan, gets the job done, but most importantly, I trust him. Seth is definitely at the head of the class for his generation of real estate agents. We still keep in touch to this day, and I would highly recommend him.”

— Wes Jones
Managing Broker, Keller Williams Bellevue, Washington

“If I was going out in the real estate market today I really believe I would call Seth, because though I have got 40 years in the real estate business, there are things he can do in 40 minutes today with the technology and commitment that he’s grasp that would give me a better upside on a piece of property”

— Steve Games
Chairman, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

“Seth is a hard working, honest guy, who goes out of the way for people he knows and does business with. I highly recommend Seth for any of your realty needs. Seth will be the first person I call when I start looking for a house because I know he will not only get the job done, but he will exceed any other realtors ambition in doing so.”

— Veronica Wheat
CEO/Founder, Chef V

“There is only one way I can describe Seth: Exceeds expectations.

I have been extremely impressed with how dedicated, committed, and knowledgeable Seth has been with helping me find the perfect house. He always shows up with a big smile on his face and full of knowledge and willingness to help. He is very easy to get a hold of and his lightning fast response time made him a dream to work with.”

— Rachel Ragosa, JD
Hearn Law Group

“My favorite quality about Seth is that he is honest. He does not try to “sell” you and truly wants to make sure that you are making the best decision for you. What I am even more impressed with is how he not only listens to your concerns, he comes up with creative ways to address them.”

— Marissa Lyftogt, JD
Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP

“After being recommended to, and receiving the assistance of Seth O’Byrne and the O’Byrne Team I could not be more impressed. I was close to purchasing a condominium with a beautiful water view and Seth did what 99% of Realtors in his position would not do, he gave me information that went against me buying. Buying or selling a home is a very big deal and it is important to work with someone with knowledge and integrity. For these reasons, and others, I highly recommend Seth O’Byrne and the O’Byrne Team if you are looking to purchase or sell real estate.”

Koorosh Kashayara, JD
CEO, Lokk Legal