The O'Byrne Team Provides Clean Water to the Navajo Nation of Arizona and New Mexico

Seth O’Byrne has been a dedicated Giveback Homes Member for 3 years. He first joined in 2017, and immediately jumped at the opportunity to send his team to Nicaragua with Giveback Homes to help build a home for a family in need. Since then, Seth has helped build a home for a veteran in San Diego, and has provided communities in need access to clean drinking water. Seth has become a fresh voice for the world of California Luxury real estate and his focus on modern marketing has not just earned him accolades from the Real Estate industry, it has delivered over $1 Billion in home sales since 2004. Together with Giveback Homes, The O'Byrne Team will move hundreds of homes for ther clients and direct a piece of each sale towards funding, building and providing new homes for the homeless in both America and Nicaragua. 

November 30th, 2020

COVID-19 has magnified the Navajo Nation's water access inequities:

  • 1/3 of Navajo households have no electricity or running water making it hard for thousands of people to wash their hands regularly and to stave off infection. 
  • More people per capita have come down with the virus on Navajo land than anywhere in the United States.

In partnership with Giveback Homes and Waves For WaterThe O’Byrne Team, a San Diego based luxury real estate team, has donated to help provide clean water to the Navajo Nation.


Thanks to a donation from The O’Byrne Team

Waves For Water was able to provide 30 families with water filtration systems in Shiprock, New Mexico, as well as four rain catchment systems.

In Fort Defiance and Window Rock, Arizona, 25 families received water filtration systems and six rain catchment systems. These systems will help families living on the Navajo Reservation gain access to clean, safe drinking water.

In response to these inequities, Waves For Water and Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health (JHCAIH) launched a pilot initiative to help address these urgent clean water access issues. The funds raised through this program go directly towards the implementation of water filtration systems, the construction or repair of bore-hole wells, and/or rainwater harvesting systems.


We are grateful to The O’Byrne Team and their clients for making this project possible.


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