Today we’d like to introduce you to Seth O’Byrne.

Seth, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
In 2000, I moved to San Diego to go to college. I told my family I was coming here to make a career for myself in California. I told my friends I was moving to the beach to learn to surf and catch a mermaid. Both were true. Like a lot of people, I believed that California was the only place my dreams were possible. It was a place I could live a lifestyle I had only seen in movies and get out of my small town and make a name for myself. My first love has always been literature and movies, but I had always considered myself an entrepreneur.

So, when I was halfway through college and was given an opportunity to pursue an internship in real estate I was excited for the chance to explore. I made coffee, sent faxes and basically did anything and everything I could to be around the stars of our industry in La Jolla. This city was the type of place that was unimaginable in other parts of the Country.

Every home was stunning, the beaches were pristine and the brokers here were at the absolute top of their game. So, very soon thereafter, I was lured into residential real estate and began making a formal push to make that my path. From 2004 when I first formed a real estate team (at age 23) to today where we have sold over $1 Billion under the O’Byrne Team brand of agents I have always loved the speed of it. My ideas start on napkins on Monday. By Wednesday they are being talked about with my team.

By Friday, they are actually happening and in just a few weeks we can see our entire company turn and shift. It has always felt so gratifying because this business always reminds me how quickly you can reshape your reality if you put in the work to do it. It always feels new. It always feels exciting. And, after having been in the business now for nearly 15 years what brings me back to real estate is the creativity and the connection with the clients and people we serve. We have an opportunity to pursue our own dreams while helping others pursue theirs too. That is an amazing gift to Realtors and to me, the main thing that gets me jumping out of bed in the morning.