A flock of seagulls blitzes one of agent Seth O’Byrne’s drones, pecking it out of the sky over San Diego — a casualty in the new atmosphere of luxe home promotions, yet just another day for the O’Byrne Team of Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty.

Such high-flying marketing exploits are showcased on HGTV’s “Hot Properties: San Diego,” which premiered Nov. 3; new episodes will air early next year.

O’Byrne is joined on the show by Sotheby’s agent Mia Tidwell and contractor-designer Andrew White, who heads the remodeling firm Method Development.

O’Byrne is known for his cinematic marketing campaigns (some budgets reach $100,000) that sell swank San Diego properties to the Scotch-and-cigar set. His occasionally edgy (and quirky) videos might feature a James Bond-esqe character, or sultry models sauntering through the properties — often focusing more on them than the floors and finishes. In “Rex & Rhonda Move to San Diego,” a dinosaur couple shops for a home.

We reached the trio in Sotheby’s downtown financial district office, a few blocks from San Diego’s celebrated Little Italy neighborhood, known for its vibrant art and foodie scene.

San Diego’s real estate market can be overshadowed by Los Angeles’ megawatt, celebritized deals — but we expect there are similarities.