Last week, I interviewed HGTV's Seth O'byrne at my Accelerated Growth Club event.

It was jammed packed with so many value bombs, that it was hard to keep up!  Here were the top 3 BIG IDEAS that Seth delivered:

  1. Riches Lay in Niches 💰
    • Nowadays, it's not enough to be a generalist (someone who tries to appeal to everyone).  With Google, people can educate themselves on just about any topic.  So now, in order to stand out, you have to be an expert in one particular area.  This is called your "Niche."  Seth talked about how he found success when he decided to "Niche-down" and become an expert on one small segment of the real estate market.  Once he became an expert in that market, people started seeking him out for his expertise!
  2. Start Where You Are ☎️
    • It's so easy to get caught up trying to devise this big complicated marketing plan with a 12 step business strategy in order to get more clients and we often overlook our existing connections in our own backyard.  Seth started out by casually asking the people around him if they knew anyone who needed his services.  He built a sizeable business just from asking his existing contacts for referrals.  I'm sure there are people in your address book right now who either need what you offer or knows someone who needs what you offer.  Start right where you are with your existing connections!
  3. Heat Rises 🔥
    • When things don't go our way, we tend to slow down.  We got some rejection, we hit a roadblock, we lost some momentum and we get discouraged.  Seth was at the brink of losing his business during the recession when he recognized that we are just a collection of particles **warning: physics reference ahead**   When atoms cool down, their activity slows and eventually they stop moving.  However, when they move rapidly, they turn into heat and they rise (example: when water is heated, it turns to vapor and rises).  So the faster the particle moves, the hotter it gets and the higher it rises.  We are just like particles.  The faster we move, the higher we rise!  NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS GET, NEVER STOP MOVING!   So keep making those phone calls, keep hitting the gym, keep sending those emails, keep crushing those meetings.  The universe rewards activity!  Stay active... because HEAT RISES!!