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There is only one way I can describe Seth: Exceeds expectations.

I have been extremely impressed with how dedicated, committed, and knowledgable Seth has been with helping me find the perfect house. He always shows up with a big smile on his face and full of knowledge and willingness to help. He is very easy to get ahold of and his lightning fast response time made him a dream to work with.

His assistant Alina is also incredibly sweet, helpful, and always willing to answer a question.

If you are looking for the best agent in San Diego, Seth is your guy.

— Rachel R.
San Diego, CA

Seth is awesome. He is very easy to talk to and always available to help answer any questions. Buying a home is an important decision and Seth is an expert in San Diego real estate.

Him and his team work hard and are always available to help. They genuinely care for your best interests.

I would highly recommend Seth.

— John T.
San Diego, CA

You will not find any other realtor in San Diego that will be more dedicated, helpful and genuinely friendly!

My wife bought her first condo with Seth, then we bought an investment property with him and soon we will be getting house with him. He has always been there for us to answer questions and to give us advice, I recommend Seth to all my friends and family!

— Nathan B.
San Diego, CA

We recently decided to buy a house, and as newcomers to San Diego and the US in general and furthermore as 1st time buyers we needed a fair bit of introduction to the housing market. Seth and his coworker Jon took a couple of hours out of their schedule to go through it all, during which we did not feel any pressure on buying anything, which was very nice!

We have now moved into our new house and Seth and his team has been great all the way through, responding quickly and knowledgeably during the whole process and he has also followed up on things after the deal went through, very nice indeed.

An added advantage choosing Seth, is that he is a great guy that is fun to be around.

I can only highly recommend Seth and his team!

— Carsten H.
San Diego, CA

Looking for a reliable hard working agent? Look no further.

My favorite quality about Seth is that he is honest. He does not try to “sell” you and truly wants to make sure that you are making the best decision for you. What I am even more impressed with is how he not only listens to your concerns, he comes up with creative ways to address them.

Buying or selling a home can be a very stressful process but Seth and his team make sure that you have the support you need every step of the way. Just ask anyone in the industry—he knows everyone and is highly respected among his peers which is essential to success in the SD real estate market.

— Marissa L.
San Diego, CA

Seth, Seth, Seth… where do I even begin? Seth is a second-to-none realtor who has made my condo-purchasing experience simply unforgettable! As daunting as the task of buying your first piece of real estate may be, Seth’s conviction, determination, and incredible industry/market knowledge made the process seem simple. Upon meeting him on Day 1 we instantly became a team, both searching for the place of my dreams as one. It was clear his recommendations weren’t for the good of his own profits, but conversely for my best interest and well-being. Seth has a remarkable way of making you (and only you) a priority, despite the countless other clients he works with daily.

If you’re looking for a personable, genuine, and vastly knowledgeable market leader in the downtown area, rest assured you’ve found your match with Seth O’Byrne!

— Natalie M.
San Diego, CA

I have known Seth for quite some time. I think what really stands out about not just his service but his entire person is that he literally has a trove of knowledge about the real estate in market. His attention to detail in helping you list a property is unlike any other agent I have encountered. Prior to working with him, I searched for 1.5 years to find a Realtor that I trusted and wasn’t just trying to sell me a place (which there are quite a bit of just in San Diego alone). He truly gives me advice which I can digest over time without pressure or any gimmicky sales tactics. I would work with Seth in a heartbeat, and plan to do so for many years to come!

— Nimai C.
San Diego, CA

Hands down the best agent in town. Seth O’Byrne and his Team are true San Diego experts. It’s easy to see that Seth loves living in San Diego, and he wants nothing but the best for his clients. Seth is fantastic at what he does and I recommend him to anybody in the SD market… and beyond. Cheers Seth!!’

— Brian S.
San Diego, CA

As a real estate professional myself, it takes a lot to impress me. When I had to move quickly, I knew I had to call Seth. I did not know him personally at the time, but he came recommended by several people I knew. His team has a solid marketing plan, gets the job done, but most importantly, I trust him. Seth is definitely at the head of the class for his generation of real estate agents. We still keep in touch to this day, and I would highly recommend him.

I hope to use him again one day soon for some more property in San Diego!

— Wes J.
Bellevue, WA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Seth on 2 transactions during the past year. Each time he was very professional and showed a lot of character. I recommend Seth as a person and a professional. You’ll always be glad he’s on your side. Thanks Seth! Let’s do it again soon…

— Brandon K.
La Jolla, CA

We could not have been more delighted!

Seth is a fantastic realtor, and we feel lucky to have found him. He took a lot of time to understand our needs and quickly helped us to focus our real estate search. He is experienced and knowledgeable of the San Diego real estate market, and he is really likable and enjoyable to work with. He is dedicated to his profession.

— Laura S.
Milpitas, CA

Seth is a great individual to know and have as a trustworthy business contact. I mainly know Seth from outside of the business but he has been a great person to learn about real estate from over the years. His knowledge of the business and dedication to his work is unmatched. I remember being a college student hearing about Seth’s work ethic and being inspired. Seth is truly an innovator and an individual that stands out from the rest. It would be a mistake not to use him in purchasing a home in San Diego!

— Hiro R.
San Francisco, CA

My fiancé and I are first time home buyers and Seth was referred to us by a friend. We could not be any happier with the referral and are very glad we went with Seth! My fiance and I planned to meet Seth for the first time at a property that we had found online. The property already had pending offers and the seller was going to make a decision that night. Seth was able to convince the seller to wait until the morning to make his decision and we were able to get our offer in by the next morning. Our offer was accepted on a house after only looking for less than 24 hrs!! We are so grateful for all the overtime and negotiating he did on our behalf. Throughout the whole process Seth was always available to talk or to answer any questions that we had. I highly recommend Seth and if we ever sell this house we are definitely going to use him again!

— Nadia A.
La Jolla, CA

I highly recommend Seth and his team. His enthusiasm and attention to service really shine. Combined with his knowledge and expertise of real estate, it’s an easy decision to work with Seth when buying or selling real estate.

— Rich Y.
Chula Vista, CA

Being that I am a first time home buyer I had lots of questions and concerns. Unlike most real estate agents who are just trying to make a ’dolla’ off of you. Seth actually took lots of personal time to help me understand – pricing, housing market, loans, credits basically everything in the book for a ’noob’. Seth has an outstanding track record of getting back to you the moment of. I feel he gets just as emotionally involved as me, the buyer. I couldn’t recommend a better agent that now i can call a friend.

If your looking for someone who cares about your needs, responsive, agile, and not a straight up real estate ’D-bag’…..he’s the best in san diego. Hands down.

— Danny M.
San Diego, CA

Work worked with Seth on a 19 condominium listing I was selling in Normal Heights. Seth represented the buyer and both him and his client performed wonderfully.

— Merrick M.
Carlsbad, CA

I was so lucky to be able to get the chance to work with Seth. He worked so hard at finding me something that fit my needs. After finally finding a place he then didn’t stop working hard. I think once we found the place, he worked harder. Some nights he worked till after 10, so the seller had paperwork the very first thing in the morning. That is actually how we got the house I have now from someone else that put in a bid about the same time we did. So on top of working late, he was also their to answer all my questions. This was my first home, so I had a lot of questions. He was there no matter if it was day or night, weekday or weekend.

So if you are looking for a realtor that loves his job and will work very hard for you, the Seth O’byrne is the realtor for you. I plan on giving his name to everyone I hear about that is looking to buy a house.

Thank you again Seth for everything.

— Todd P.
El Cajon, CA

Going to make this short and to the point- Seth truly is the best in the biz. He is super knowledgeable, honest, ambitious and friendly. He has true passion for his profession! Anytime a friend or a client needs the best in the business I always refer Seth!

— Pamela D.
San Diego, CA

Seth sold my house in Mission Beach. He went out of his way to make sure it was properly staged and marketed. Two thumbs up!

— Steven C.
San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Seth and his entire team. His enthusiasm, availability and persistence really paid off during the sale of my condo. You can definitely tell by his knowledge and real estate expertise that he’ll get the job done, even in this market. Without hesitation, I would work with Seth again when buying or selling a home.

— Jeffrey P.
San Diego, CA

Seth O’Byrne and his team at Troop Real Estate in San Diego are top notch! Seth sees the BIG picture in real estate and enthusiastically markets his properties.
He has even been named the Top Realtor for La Jolla! Seth is the realtor whom you want to list your home and other properties. Give him a call! 858-869-3940.

— Barbara L.
San Diego, CA

Seth O’Byrne and his team are an eclectic group of professionals to work with!

Buying a home or other property is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Whether it’s your first home, your dream home, a property for a son or daughter attending college, or a business or investment purchase, & Seth totally guides you through the process from start to finish. He’s not your typical Realtor who simply sends you listings and drives you around to show properties. He takes the time to match you with those that suit your needs and then navigates you through the entire process, including helping you find you the best possible financing, interior designer, housecleaner, etc.
And if your selling, Seth and team help you determine the real value of the property, which i learned is not necessarily just the Zillow value. Little things, like high ceilings or southern exposure or changes in the neighborhood can affect how much your investment is worth over the long-run. In a time where the modern buyer has a lot of information available to them, i learned that its not equivalent to having a seasoned professional advising you. He’s been selling real estate here in San Diego for more than a decade. and he’s an outstanding member of the community working with Non-profit organizations that work for the betterment of youth and their families.

I’m a proud homeowner & Business owner and would highly Recommend Seth and his team to anyone thinking about purchasing or selling a property. Whether its Big or Small, he will help you all!

— Brandon Murphy
San Diego, CA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Seth O’Byrne in a partnership/vendor capacity for over 3 years now. I work with hundreds of Realtors on a monthly basis, and I can honestly say that Seth’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment to his clients is high atop my list of preferred Realtors to work with.

His knowledge of the market, the relationship building he is able to do is a short amount of time with the “other side/other Realtor“ is critical in his high closing ratio. In a market when so many properties fall out of escrow because of missed details or strenuous lending conditions, Seth has outperformed his peers in so many ways. He’s aligned himself with a great team, both inside Troop Real Estate, as well as with solid affiliates like Title Insurance, Escrow, and Lending.

I wouldn’t hesitate to trust Seth to help you buy or sell your next home!

— Greg I.
San Diego, CA

Seth helped me sell my place – FAST – for the right price. The whole experience was completely hassle-free and extremely convenient. He and his team bent over backwards to make sure things went through smoothly.

I’m glad that my friend referred me to Seth. I highly recommend him.

— Phu P.
San Diego, CA

Seth is a great person / realtor to know. He is very professional and takes the time to really understand what you’re looking for as a client. All my interactions with him have been exceptionally professional. I’d recommend Seth to anyone one in the real estate market.

— Jennifer C.
San Diego, CA

Seth’s enthusiasm is contagious as his passion for finding the right home for you is his top priority. His business ethics and drive make him the top in my choice for realtors. You can tell he really cares about his clients and is just a quality person and in this day and age I find this very important.

— Vickie N.
San Diego, CA

I’ve worked with Seth twice now both on the purchase side. The first property he helped me buy was my primary home and the second was an investment property.

I had an excellent experience working with Seth on both deals as he was very knowledgeable with all the questions I had (which was a lot!) and he also showed the persistence and moxie to effectively communicate with the sellers. The last point proved crucial when dealing with short sales, which each of my transactions were. A big reason I like working with Seth is because he is patient with his clients and is always looking out for what is in their best interests. His team was also very accommodating with showing multiple properties all over San Diego around my schedule.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for an agent to give Seth a call because he’s easy to work with, patient with his clients and a closer when you need to get the deal done!

— Tom C.
San Diego, CA

Seth is a caring, considerate and professional agent. When looking for someone who will always put his clients first, Seth is definitely the agent to go with.

— Charlene S.
Simi Valley, CA

I have had the pleasure of attending Seth’s quarterly Troop Real Estate Networking events. These events are always very nice venues where lots of business people in San Diego can come hang out, eat, drink, and network. I have been a guest at several of his events, and I have had the pleasure of catering some of his events as well, which has truly been great for networking.

Seth is a hard working, honest guy, who goes out of the way for people he knows and does business with. I highly recommend Seth for any of your realty needs. Seth will be the first person I call when I start looking for a house because I know he will not only get the job done, but he will exceed any other realtors ambition in doing so.

— Veronica W.
San Diego, CA

I am an escrow officer that works very close with Seth O’Byrne and know him on a personal level as well. He is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable, hard working and honest realtors I know. He is amazing at what he does. I have watched him in action and exudes integrity every step of the way. He genuinely cares about each and every client equally and has their best interest at heart. I love being a part of his team and love him as a friend xo

— Claudia S.
San Diego, CA

Seth and his staff have been outstanding! I have been very impressed with their operation and their responsiveness. In the current market a matter of minutes and or the agents relationships in the industry can be the difference of making the deal or not. Seth has exceeded my expectations in every way, his knowledge of market and trends and products are very impressive.

— Lance C.
San Diego, CA

Seth is personable, hard working, and he made several suggestions that increased the value of our home by tens of thousands of dollars. He supplied us with a list of competent yet reasonably priced contractors for house repairs.

The negotiating was complex involving several people in a trust on one side and one person asking for a rent back option. He was diplomatic with many various personalities and the main point was that he sold our home in 13 days.

We are all very happy with Seth and will use him again for any real estate transactions.

— Judith L.
San Diego, CA

Seth is someone who truly cares about the client in a genuine way. No pressure, and he even created a customized property search that delivered potential options to us via email each day. Very knowledgeable and helpful, I recommend him to anyone I know looking for a house.

— Tim K.
San Diego, CA

Seth is exploding San Diego’s real estate scene. I’ve known Seth in a professional capacity for over a year now. He is the person I go to when I have questions regarding real estate. Seth is the person I refer my clients to when they need a real estate expert. Everyone wants to know Seth, and there’s a good reason why.

— Cee H.
San Diego, CA

Seth is the embodiment of a young professional. He will work hard for you, knows his stuff, and is easy to relate to on a personal level. He won’t push anything you don’t need onto you, and will work with you to find the best fit for your situation. He’s always willing to answer your questions, but more importantly he knows the answers to your questions. Aside from knowledge regarding finding a personal residence, Seth is really in tuned with the rental market also for those looking for investment properties. If you’re looking for a personal residence or an investment property, I would go to Seth.

— Franklin S.
Honolulu, HI

Well, I could write on a novel on our San Diego house hunt experience, however, in an effort to spare the reader and stay concise I will touch on the highlights:

Seth showed us everything we wanted to see, even if he privately knew it was out of grasp for us, and continually educated us along the way. Seth was always available to chat, even after work and on weekends. Seth fought for us on every transaction, over highly sought after homes, with difficult sellers and agents.

After an exhausting contract fell through, we decided to take a break from the house hunt and Seth understood 100%, never bothered us during our break, and was there when we were ready to resume. Over a year long process (off and on) Seth never showed frustration and always kept a positive attitude. Seth ultimately landed us a great short sale property in an incredible neighborhood in which we were one of three offers on the table. Seth even paid for the place to be cleaned after the tenant left the property in a less than ideal state of cleanliness. Seth is the type of guy that you will easily form a friendship with.

So there it is. I am no doubt leaving out a number of compliments, but the novel will have to wait for another day … thanks, Seth!

— Steven G.
San Diego, CA

The guy knows Real Estate! Period!

— Jason P.
San Diego, CA

Like others who have left reviews – I figured Seth wouldn’t be interested in selling me a condo in a price range that was less than the big-time properties in La Jolla that he carries… but I was wrong. He was a phenomenal agent for me, spent tons of time with me, and was a kick-ass negotiator. In the end, he helped me move into the perfect condo in Hillcrest and I have absolutely no complaints. He’s exactly what you should be looking for in an agent: Young, Hungry for work, Hard-working, and Committed to the job.

— Orrin F.
San Diego, CA

Seth is a total rockstar! Even though I wasn’t working with the world’s biggest budget, I never felt like I wasn’t his top priority. Seth hustled his butt off for me and got me into a great place. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a kick-ass agent. He really is fantastic to work with!

— Gwen M.
San Diego, CA