Le Tip LogoWe are excited to be hosting this year’s Le Tip Holiday Social! Thursday Dec 6th, at 6pm located at Envision Personalized Health. Dress is business casual, or you can come dressed in comfortable clothes if you would like to participate in any of the many fitness/ wellness /spa services we will be donating to the party.

  • Come mix mingle and have a great time!
  • You can bring your significant other, and a potential Le Tip member as a guest. This is a great way to showcase our wonderful Le Tip Group and members in a fun environment and low pressure environment!
  • We have 3 table tops available at $30 each (funds go back to the group). Contact Vickie or Genevieve if you would like to reserve one.
  • Le Tip International Holiday Socials a mandatory meeting, so attendance is counted.
  • Hors d’oeuvre, tea, and treats will be served, but you need to bring your own spirits.
  • As voted on, there will be  a secret Santa gift exchange ($15-20), bring a gift wrapped and place it under our tree, we will be drawing numbers at 7pm for the gift exchange.

For more information, contact:

Vickie Nickerson

Envision Personalized Health
4620 Alvarado Canyon Road Suite 14
San Diego , CA. 92120
(619) 229-9695

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