Signature Services

Cloud Docs

Using Cloud-based computing, the O’Byrne Team makes home buying paperless with a custom suite of technologies for generating documents, signing contracts and sharing checklists. With your smart phone, you have all you need for your home sale. Go enjoy your life and experience the O’Byrne Team and technology working exclusively for you. Prefer the more traditional approach? The O’Byrne Team also provides first-class customized service including: couriers, fax and in-office or in-home document signing.
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Feedback 360°

Stress in real estate transactions comes from a mismatch of client expectations and reality. With the O’Byrne Team Feedback 360°, stress is eliminated by providing, real-time, usable feedback throughout the entire real estate transaction keeping everything transparent. Feedback 360° allows clients to know exactly what to expect when buying or selling a home with systematic daily updates. All parties share the same checklists and use Salesforce software to access complete feedback on where the process is at any moment. The goal is, with Feedback 360°, clients will never ask “what happens next?” again.
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Listing Concierge

As a seller, you shoulder many responsibilities and handle several moving parts, from receiving contractor bids for needed repairs, to coordinating home stagers, landscapers, photographers and termite companies. In addition, if your home is tenant occupied, there is extra work handling the property management company and tenants to have work completed usually on a very tight timeline. Enter the O’Byrne Team Listing Concierge. Now, you have hands-free selling, facilitated by the O’Byrne team and designed specifically for busy homeowners who really need full service.

The O’Byrne Team Listing Concierge provides clients freedom from the minutia of selling a home. Just sign and approve from the comfort of your home. All those time intensive tasks can be done hands free. Each listing is assigned a personal concierge who is available for visits to your home for contractor meets, coordinating services and even checking on pets and home security. For hands free, worry-free selling, the only number you will need to remember is the O’Byrne Team’s.
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Genius Marketing

Marketing in real estate has never been used to its full potential. For that reason, the O’Byrne Team has identified proven, successful methods using demographics and psychographics of your potential homebuyer that put your marketing dollars to work successfully. Focused on your perfect buyer, they target all aspects of marketing your property to that buyer; including staging, photography, video and advertising outlets. Depending upon your target buyer stats, the O’Byrne team uses video, print, social media, email marketing or a mix of mediums. Our systematic, intentional advertising tells a story about your home and reaches the right homebuyers at a more visceral level. The O’Byrne Team calls this process Genius Marketing. From TV to radio, periodical to newsprint; the O’Byrne Team is taking traditional mediums and cross-pollinating this advertising with on-trend social media and mobile marketing promotions. Our process ensures that not only will we find your home’s buyer, we will build the highest value for your home possible. Genius.
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For celebrity a Q Score is a metric that identifies familiarity and appeal. This is exactly what the O’Byrne Team does by making homes they list famous in their neighborhood, community, city or even internationally. To create an upper hand for clients, and an irresistible buzz around its properties, the O’Byrne Team realized that using and re-purposing TV, Radio and other major media outlets creates celebrity status for some homes. The O’Byrne Team now crafts and monitors “buzz” on their top hot properties. Homes are regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Diego Union Tribune, Channel 6 News or showcased in the pages of Architectural Digest. See what fame can do for your home using Q-Metrics.
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Aerial VIP

Aerial VIP, an O’Byrne Team signature service, offers viewings of San Diego County via helicopter allowing clients an immediate understanding of the unique offerings in San Diego Real Estate. Flying high above San Diego using state of the art GPS systems allows the O’Byrne Team to pinpoint specific properties or areas and provide you a unique perspective and intimate knowledge of slope lines, view corridors, construction opportunities and untapped land. Aerial VIP puts San Diego Real Estate truly into perspective for their clients.
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