O’Byrne Team’s Scoop on Playboy Mansion Sale

Playboy Mansion

This 20,000 square foot mansion sits on 5 acres and offers 29 rooms. Photo credit: Jim Bartsch

The recently listed Hugh Hefner “Playboy Mansion” is certainly the talk of the town. Even in San Diego we are talking about what may happen with this $200,000,000 listing, which most consider to be in “tear-down” condition. It is a piece of history that some have loved and of course some have considered an abomination. Whatever you believe about the mansion, it is a symbolic piece of Southern California and it is a piece of real estate that has tied the elite together for 5 full decades now. We see the value far above the area and of course above the current upgrades inside the mansion. That said, the big bet is that a buyer will care less about the home and more about the juicy story. Just like Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch when it went for sale, some things are more about owning pop culture history and a lot less about the home itself. Much like the Neverland Ranch, the “Mansion’ is very specific to one persons tastes. This 20,000 square foot mansion sits on 5 acres and offers 29 rooms. It is situated in the Holmby Hills, with combines with Beverly Hills and Bel Air to create an area of Los Angeles known to the elite as the “Platinum Triangle”. The home is one of a very few homes in LA to have an actual zoo license and speaking of strange; anyone who purchases the home will get the 89-year old Playboy founder as a roommate for the remainder of his life. That is one of the stipulations reported to be attached to the sale. Would you like to go see the “Playboy Mansion” for yourself? Just give us a call and the O’Byrne Team can get you behind the gates. Bank Statements required for the listing agent to schedule, of course. $200,000,000 is quite a price tag indeed!