The O’Byrne Team has been a partner with the University Club as long as Seth O’Byrne has been a member. Since 2011 Seth O’Byrne has used the University Club as a beautiful venue to meet new people, explore new ideas and share what makes the O’Byrne Team passionate about business too. It has been a constant positive force in the O’Byrne Team’s business and so this past month when we approached the Club to make a video for them about why we thought it was such a great asset to San Diego we were excited to hear YES! We chose to bring in 3 different voices to our video to showcase the range of industries the club appeals to and the range of uses the Club lends itself to. From the CEO of the Downtown San Diego Partnership Kris Michell, to the Director of Development at The Seany Foundation Bernard Mauricia; the civic, charitable and business world all have a voice at the Club. Thank you to the University Club for allowing the O’Byrne Team to tell your story through our video. Thank you Kris & Bernard for coming along for the ride to help support the Club we all love so much!