Mochi O'ByrneHello!

Thanks for reading another entry from your local real estate advisor. It has been a wild month of closings, openings and new listing opportunities. Real estate has been very strong as rates remain a continued motivator to former fence-sitters.

As if all this activity and business wasn’t enough for us, we brought on another team member. She is illiterate, color blind, unintelligible and hairy by all accounts, but she is adorable.

May I introduce the newest member of our team, Mochi ‘the bandit’ O’Byrne. She is a 1.5 pound Pomeranian puppy and much like us, she always has her nose to the ground, sniffing out opportunity.

I have not had a dog since I was a kid and I certainly forgot how much work they were! That said, she is pretty darn incredible and all the girls love her here in the office. Jessie is pretty fond of her as well and hopefully one day you will get to meet her too!

Attached is a photo of this ridiculous team mascot. So fair warning, if the next time you see me my shoes are chewed up, it’s probably not me. All the best this week!

— Seth