O'Byrne Team at Del Mar Races July, 2015I spent many young years wondering what I was going to do with my life. But what I missed along the way was the much more important question. And that is, Who I was going to do it with. Keke and I met when I was fresh out of college; a tiny desk between the two of us and basically no idea how we were going to make this team work. I believed in her and she believed in me and when either of us stopped believing in ourselves we could always trust that one of us would figure it out.

Alina and I met when we were coming out of the worst recession our generation has ever seen. I dreamt of making it through another month, never thinking we would make it as far as we did. And Claudia came into my life when nothing in real estate was easy. Every day we had to change our focus, throw out everything we knew worked because it didn’t anymore and try to bare down and keep our heads up. This is important because I met these 3 strangers in some of the most challenging times I’ve ever experienced. Every one of us has had to call the other late at night, if just to hear the words “keep going.”

3 complete strangers just a few years ago and now; partners, friends and in our world, war buddies. These 3 ladies and I share a business, a friendship and an experience which has resulted in a Team with its sights on completing a billion dollars in real estate sales together. An enormous milestone for a bunch of kids who basically just share a small office and a dream. And now cresting a dozen years in the business I finally can see that I had it flipped around the whole time. What we’re all going to do with our lives isn’t and has never been what mattered. It is Who we do it with. Because the what doesn’t come to your wedding on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean and the what doesn’t share gross fireball shots at the horse races with you and the what doesn’t pick up the phone when you call late at night.

So… here’s my Who. Well as many as I could fit in a selfie anyways. I wish I had longer arms to fit you all in but for now this ones for Claudia, Alina & Keke. Happy Sunday everyone. I hope this makes you think of your Who too. Keep going!