Great Stories Moving MemoriesI am not sure if anyone else has ever said it, but I always have thought of what we do as moving memories. In one sense, Realtors broker homes; we serve the real estate as a fixed and certain asset. It has an address, a mailbox and exact point in our city. In another sense, we are like couriers for people. We ship people around San Diego and as one family moves away another replaces them. We move them around the map, but what’s more, they bring their future memories with them. So as one home hosted the memories of an old couple in their twilight, the next day it can begin to host a family on the rise. Two very different groups, sharing the same address in San Diego as one of the most important parts in both of their lives. It’s incredible.

So when Lori called me about her little duplex in Golden Hill, I was ready to hear her story. As always, much was the same, Lori bought this little duplex as an income property. She knew the market was going up and she believed in the future of our town. Where the conversation really got interesting is when she revealed that this home was 100+ years old, with only some of those years on that same street. She explained that in the late 1800s this home was a firehouse stable. This was back when fire engines were pulled by horse and firemen lived on site. It is very common for people to move around San Diego, but very rare for homes to do the same. Some time in the early 1900s she said, this duplex was lifted up, placed on an early flatbed truck and moved all the way to 20th street in Golden Hill. This was before it overlooked 40-story high rises and before the I-5 Freeway ran just a few blocks away.

100 years in the future and a few weeks of a short escrow later, we sold this little duplex and the buyer bought more than 2 rental units in a hip area of town. He bought our city’s history, what made it what it is today and he bought a place to house some memories of his own. It is always great to see a story unfold in San Diego, especially when it has been unfolding for hundreds of years.

Congratulations Lori! It was our pleasure to help you move those memories! Cheers!

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