Making Your Home Picture Perfect

Photos of your home are what potential buyers will see first on the MLS or Internet. Your home should be as clean and bright as possible. Remember — less is more!! Open space and cleared counters, tables and furniture make rooms look bigger and more inviting. Photographers are on a tight schedule to complete jobs and do not have the time to clean or stage your home. If you need help preparing your home, we suggest using a professional staging company trained in this area.

Start by walking through your home prior to the arrival of the photographer to insure everything is photo-ready. Stand in each corner of a room or space to see how the room or space looks. Remove all unwanted items from the room that you do not want in a photo. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home, so use these tips to make your house a star.


Outside: Remove toys, garden tools and hoses, trash cans, and pool toys. Remove pool cleaner hose. Have lawn mowed and bushes trimmed. Remove any vehicles from the driveway and try to move parked cars on the street as well. For an evening shoot, be certain that all outside and pool lights are working.

Inside: Remove clutter, open space is best. Turn on all lights; check that all bulbs work, and that bulbs match for even lighting. Open all blinds and pull up shades to make your house look bright and inviting. Wash windows.

Kitchen: Buyers are attracted to kitchens. Remove hand towels, paper towel rolls, cleaning supplies. Clear counters and sinks. Put away small appliances such as can openers and blenders. Clear the refrigerator of magnets and post-its.

Living room: Remove remotes, magazines, pet beds and blankets; arrange cushions, open blinds or curtains. Partially set the dining room table or kitchen bar to make it picture perfect. You don’t need to bother with all the utensils and cups, but the goal here is to make potential buyers find the room inviting and livable.

Bedrooms: Make beds, clear personal items from nightstands. Open blinds.

Bathrooms: Put away personal items (toothbrushes, razors, soap, shampoo, etc), pick up rugs, and arrange towels. Clean mirrors and shower glass. Close toilet bowl lids.

Additionally, put away shoes, pet items, food bowls, cables, wires and remotes, toys, excess photos or personal items on the floors or walls. Add some color by putting some plants or flowers in strategic places. Have fireplaces and candles lit. Clean windows and all items that need it. Photos show everything.


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