It is with a swelling in my heart that I share a film about the Giveback Homes build in Nicaragua that we were able to be a part of. We live in such a blessed part of the planet; with so much opportunity to do well. We feel that opportunity comes with a responsibility to giveback and with this thought O’Byrne Team agents Keke Jones and Erika Spears did just that alongside our partners at Concierge Auctions. It may have just been one home, in one country, but it was one of the most important things we’ve been a part of in our company’s history. Come watch the journey they went through and get to know more about this incredible cause that we’re enthusiastically a part of — Giveback Homes. Thank you to everyone  who was a part of this and a special thank you to Frank Kivo for making such a touching video.

See the full video here.