Dieter Heinz HG Motorsports with Seth O'Byrne

I have always firmly believed you’ve got to keep the great ones close. Dieter grew up in the service-bay’s of his family auto center, Heinz Gietz Mercedes-Benz in La Jolla, and if it wasn’t for our mutual love of electric vehicles I would almost think oil ran through his very veins. He knows cars, he loves people and he will never stop until his own company, HG Motorsports, has its rightful place on the map. We were in our early 20s when we met and his company was basically an ink sketch of a logo and a few really good ideas. I have followed him around San Diego, always faithfully bringing whatever car I owned to him to keep it running. Today I pulled up to HG Motorsports and had to find a parking spot between a fleet of customers ranging from a 1,000 HP GTR to a mat black Lamborghini Murcielago. And I just came to change the oil in a car I show homes in!!! Haha. Well Dieter, I think it is finally safe to say that you have not only “made it”, you’ve outpaced even those dreams you made when we were younger and I was still wearing my dad’s suit to listing appointments. Bravo brother, bravo. And if anyone owns a German vehicle and wants to skip the pricey dealership for service and upgrades go check Dieter out in Sorrento Valley. If anything, it’s always fun to see the daily car show parked out in front of HG Motorsports! 10+ years running buddy, this is a pretty sweet TBT ‪to share. Congratulations!