Building a Story e-bookHello everyone!

I am so happy to share with you my first book! After a decade selling real estate and actively training Realtors to build and grow their businesses I thought it would be an asset to young agents to create a book to guide them through the process.

Much of this book is a collection of writing from various classes I have taught at local San Diego Universities and excerpts from handbooks I have created for my own agents. We have trained over 30 agents through the O’Byrne Team and my hope is that aspiring agents can learn from our stories.

This is a shortened version of what will be a much larger guide to selling real estate, however we wanted this to be a shortened and trimmed down pocket guide for budding talent.

Hopefully this book is helpful and inspiring to any entrepreneur and anyone interested in real estate as a topic. Thank you for your continued support of our business and I wish you the best in your own adventures!



Link to e-book PDF download