Congratulations to the Krug Family!

It took a lifetime of hard work to build their company and over 4 years to build the dream house that came from all that hard work. It was only fitting that we spent over a year preparing, getting to … [Read more...]

Moving Memories

I am not sure if anyone else has ever said it, but I always have thought of what we do as moving memories. In one sense, Realtors broker homes; we serve the real estate as a fixed and certain asset. … [Read more...]

The Business of Personal

"Your neighbors are going to start thinking your home is some sort of clown car soon enough!!" I joked that morning. Jenny, Brian and I sat in their living room as a very pregnant, very hopeful family … [Read more...]

California Dreams

My first year in San Diego I took a literature course at the University of San Diego called “California Dreams”. The basic thesis of the course was that since the gold rush of 1848 California has … [Read more...]


Crystal & Nilay chuckled when I called them Hippie-Yuppies. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest myself, I understood what a move from Portland to San Diego would mean for them and what adjustments … [Read more...]

Off to Medical School

We were a part of something incredible today. Today my client Roberta SOLD her home in Ocean View Hills and packed her car up to move to Medical School to become a doctor. Roberta spent most of her … [Read more...]

Two and a Half Buyers

It was a big Thursday for 3 people I know; Jackie, Nick and baby Oliver. Today, these three lovely people bought a rental home in Pacific Beach and CLOSED about 3 minutes ago. This was their first … [Read more...]

Little Yellow House

47 years ago Gary's father picked this little yellow house to start his family in. That same year, in 1957, the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik, American Bandstand debuted on television and Ghana … [Read more...]

Enjoy That Lemonade

“You know,” he said with impossible smirk, “that fallen down garage right there is where Wyatt Earp once slept...” I fixed my loosened tie and looked at him in earnest “Really?!” He paused, his wife … [Read more...]

Next Beer Is On Me

Say Congratulations to Paul & his wife Theresa. Next beer is on me Paul. CONGRATS on your CLOSING on your new duplex in Spring Valley. Paul is extra happy because we found a new construction … [Read more...]

A Warm Referral

Today something pretty cool happened. A friend of mine for years referred me to a family member and after several months working to buy a short sale we Just Closed on a top floor 2 story unit in Park … [Read more...]

Full Circle with Joe and Amani

Way back in 2002 I took a job at a commercial brokerage called ACI Commercial. At that time, they were the largest apartment brokerage in San Diego. I took that job because I have always had a … [Read more...]

The Little Beach House

Boy, do I have a great story for you! It started over 30 years ago but I’d like to begin back in 1994. This was the year Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa. It was also the year Lisa … [Read more...]

Long-term Relationships are Pretty Incredible…

They mean a lot to us all. They aren’t made by short-term attraction but a long-term commitment to remember what’s important through adversity. They take integrity and honesty and they mean as much is … [Read more...]