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It has been such an incredible year for our team, the O’Byrne Team. We have grown our business to a level at which we had not thought possible previously. Our 5 year goal from the beginning of our year became our 1 year reality. Our dreams of the right support staff became our actual team within only a few months of searching. Finally, our support from our clients and friends has fueled it all; signifying that even at a larger and more productive level, our business is still the business of people. Referrals have taken us to new heights consistently and we humbly and graciously accept our clients warm support.

Having recently taken a close inventory of our growth and just this week hosted a Holiday Party for clients with well in excess of 300 clients and partners in attendance, I thought it appropriate to look back on one of the posts I had made now nearly 4 years ago in the deepest part of the recession. So much of this came true and even though we have made strides, we recognize how important it is to put all markets and all stages in perspective.

Finally, though we recognize the importance of self motivation and self direction, the past 4 years have taught us that without the support of our partners and clients no business, whether large or small can thrive. Thank you again for your support of our business in 2013 and hopefully you will enjoy looking back into the past with me to remember where you were in 2009 as well.


Post from 2009 Facebook:

Heat Rises

In nature, we find that heat rises. This has something to do with kinetic energy and molecules and the weight associated with faster moving particles relative to the more lethargic, cold particles which always find their way back down to the ground. Why is this important to me?

In the span of 7 years working as a small business owner I have invariably learned several things; most of which I have forgot, though a few ideas are just too bright to miss. If I do forget them, the world has a funny way of reminding me, over and over and over again.

In nature heat rises. In business heat rises. And this heat is as much about kinetic energy in nature as it is in this world of business.

Quite simply, if you want to make a difference in your results in order to become upwardly mobile, you have to TAKE AND MAKE action.

The slow, the tired, the apathetic all share poor health, bad luck, unfortunate experiences and a common fear of risk. This fear literally freezes most people, and I would be fooling myself if I didn’t say that I haven’t been frozen with fear many times before. That freeze keeps us from action, keeps us in bed, keeps us believing that the impossible is just that.

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
(from Alice in Wonderland)

Take this excerpt, it’s so real, it’s so obvious, it’s so right in front of our eyes that we cannot deny the fact that all of those people in our lives that have extraordinary stories of personal success are also those same people that have extraordinary stories of the journey there. And what is a journey without a lot of adversity, a lot of embarrassing losses and a lot of painful aches from a stomach filled to the brim with humble pie. In the middle of that journey, it is so hard to see that it is in those actions that we are doing simply the one thing that makes a difference above all cynical criticism, TAKING ACTION.

From late 2003 to today, I have taken my own real estate business through so many exciting changes, countless challenges and made a lot of mistakes. I’d like to think that building my business, growing my team of agents and finally breaking off to start our own office was all pure genius and rampant success.

Sadly, it was quite the opposite. I rarely made the right decision without having made the wrong one several harrowing times. I rarely took action boldly without having been prompted finally by the stark reality of what inaction felt like. I made mistakes along the entire way and watched my agents and employees make similar mistakes and even despite my best intentioned efforts I made them several times over. Along the way though, our incredible, resilient team of agents did one very important thing….took action. We made heat, we moved around, we woke up and worked, we got beat up on a rainy Sunday when we really wanted to be at home and stayed late on a sunny Friday when we really wanted to be out.

I am really just writing this to say, that I appreciate what all of us have gone through, especially all my fellow small business owners. To grow your business, to shrink your business, to change your business and to relearn your business are all tough tasks. My partners have made me proud, they have made me think and they have made this all so worth it.

For us to have gone from college kids, to green agents, to experienced advisors, to luxury home specialists and boardwalk enthusiasts, to foreclosure realtors and short sale guides is a pretty significant metamorphasis to have been a part of. I am really proud to have been part of the last 7 years of learning. And I am so proud to say that in late 2008 I would have never dreamed that our office would be taking action at this level in 2010.

We really don’t have the luxury to choose our market, but we do have the choice of whether or not to take action when its upon us. After having kept the light on in our east village office basically 24 hours a day since we moved in at Christmas, our kinetic energy has caused us to start rising in our own business! As a small business we don’t make headlines often, or break ground on new sites or shake hands with the mayor at ribbon cutting ceremonies. That being said, in our own way, at our own scale, what is happening right now for us is huge. We have YTD, more than doubled our business and are in the process of growing our team of agents and support staff. To this end, I woke up today with a very intimate appreciation of the kinetic energy my partners have helped create.

I definitely ate lot of humble pie in 2009 and some days was pretty sure that was all that was on the menu. Being here right now in the middle of a recovering economy, a more dedicated group of small and large businesses and a tempered but optimistic San Diego is a rare and precious thing. I thank everyone for their support of our small real estate business in 2009. We learned a lot of valuable lessons I hope we can share with you in 2010. The best lesson of all is that above all else, in nature and business, heat rises.

-Seth O’Byrne

your neighborhood realtor and small businessman